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1 Vos, Ida (nl) [Edit]VictimOfficial
13 Dec 1931
3 Apr 2006
Source writer from Jewish decent. She wrote a book on her youth during W.W.II. Together with her sister Esther she had to go into hiding to escape the nazi terror.
2 Chiger, Krystyna [Edit]VictimOfficialLvovPolandLvov
Source of Pawelek Chiger. During the war, she and her family hid in the sewers of Lvov, a city in Poland. After the father heard the rumors of the annihilation of the Lvov ghetto they escaped to the sewers under the ghetto. Here they were helped by Leopold Socha and survided for 14 months in the sewers untill Lvov was liberated by the Russians.
3 Alting, Hendrik (NL) [Edit]VictimOfficialVught
5 Jan 1905
Source Familie Alting End story: Died in Konzentrationslager 's Herzogenbusch (camp Vught)

Hendrik Alting was born on january 5th, 1905 in Odoorneveen. He married Jantje Buls in 1931, she was a Jehova's witness. In 1942 Hendrik became a Jehova's witness himself and was baptised in the canal near Schoonoord. Whilst the Germans had banned all Jehova's witness activities he preached in the vicinity of Emmen and Schoonoord. and his wife distributed bibles. The police of the town of Emmen searched his house and found Watch Tower magazines and bibles. Hendrik was arrested and taken to the prison of Assen from where he was sent to the Polizeiliches Durchgangslager Amersfoort, where he stayed three months. He was among the first group te be sent to Konzentrationslager 's Herzogenbusch in the town of Vught. Because of mistreatment and malnurishment Hendrik died after a month in Vught.

4 Stolier, David [Edit]VictimOfficial?
Source End story: Moved to the US.

David was the sole survivor of the ship "Struma", which sailed from Constanta, Rumania on December 12, 1941 to Palestine. More than 700 jews were aboard. The ship was detained by the Turks, who refused to let the passengers in. The English refused them visa for Palestine. The ship was towed back to the Black Sea where it was sunk by a Russian submarine. David was hurled overboard and saved by a commercial vessel. He was arrested by the Turks but sent to Syria after a few months imprisonment..

5 Hertz-Dahl, Klara (NL) [Edit]VictimOfficialGermany
6 Cassutto, Ernest [Edit]VictimOfficialindonesia
Source End story: Survived the war.

The Jewish Cassutto went into hidding untill March 1944, was caught and forced to work for the Nazi's in the Rotterdam area. He was able to escape with the help of a friendly guard and the resistance, two days before the German's retreated.

7 Abbeele, Bernardus van den (NL) [Edit]VictimOfficial
13 Sep 1907
29 Oct 1944
8 Cohn, Paul [Edit]VictimOfficialGermany
Source End story: Paul became Astor Professor at University College London.

Participant of the so called "Kindertransporte". Jewish children were transported from Germany to England in 1939. These transports were for children only, so the parents weren't allowed to join. Paul left Germany on May 21st, 1939 and went to a chickenfarm were he had to work.

9 Cohen, Riwka (NL) [Edit]VictimOfficialNetherlands
Source End story: Survived the Holocaust and moved to the United States.

Her father was arrested as a hostage after a resistance attack, the day before her mother's birthday. Riwka went into hidding at a farm in the village of Hellendoorn (Netherlands) under the name of Marietje van der Velde. After the war she was reunited with her mother and sister. She never saw her father again.

10 Moerel, Salomon (NL) [Edit]VictimOfficialAuschwitz
6 Sep 1944
Source End story: Killed Sept 6th, 1944, Auschwitz.

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